Brooke Primary Micro:bit Space Programme


The Brooke Primary School Space Programme

Our space launch has now been completed and we’re delighted to share the following video with you:

We are very excited to announce our planned launch of a selection of BBC micro:bit based experiments and measurements via weather balloon into near-space.

Over the previous term our Computer Club members have been busy learning all about the BBC micro:bit and it’s capabilities.  Whilst we won’t be the first school to launch a BBC micro:bit into near-space we believe we will be the first Primary School to do so, and also the first to use the micro:bit on it’s own (i.e. no Arduino’s or Raspberry PI’s will be used) to measure temperature, altitude, pressure, sound, light and acceleration & time (as well as any other things that we can think of!).  We’ll probably need a few micro:bit’s and external sensors to carry out all of our experiments!

On this page we will be documenting our journey and the work that we do with the BBC micro:bit to make this happen. You can also follow our progress on twitter via @BrookePrimary (there is a link at the bottom of the page to follow us).

We hope that every pupil will have a chance to participate in the programme, not just the Computer Club members.  If we can find a suitable location locally (and the weather is kind to us!) then we we can all attend the launch day event which we are currently aiming to do on the 26th May at 10.30am.

You can read more about each lesson and find the answers to our frequently asked questions below:

Lesson 1 – Concept & Temperature Measurement

Lesson 2 – Measuring Time (Reaction Game)

Lesson 3 – Acceleration (Eat the dots Game!)

Lesson 4 – Swift Class Moisture/Water Sensors Lesson

Lesson 5 – Light & Rockets (Race For The Line Competition!)

Lesson 6 – Testing our Rocket Cars with a micro:bit speed gate

Lesson 7 – The Micro:bit Compass

Lesson 8 – The Metal Detector

Lesson 9 – Storing Data

If you’re interested in finding out a little more then check out our Space Launch FAQs and also our useful Micro:bit resources pages.

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