Swallow Class

Esie and Rosie’s week

Hello  people  who  have  taken  time  to  read  what  swallows  having  been  doing  this  week! In  Swallow  class  we  have  done ….. Monday : On  Monday  the  year  6 tag  rugby  team   came 1st . We played  5  games  and  amazingly  won  all  off  all  of  the matches .  We  fantastic  and   I  felt   happy  […]

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By Evie, Georgia, Eva and Liberty.

Class Webpage This week, we have been doing writing around the book War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. So far we have read to chapter 4, and have learnt that the story is told from the point of view of a horse- Joey. We later meet the character Albert, who Joey forms a strong bond with. […]

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Sicily and Liberty’s week

Class webpage This week in Swallow class we have been learning about lots of different things. Maths In maths, we have been learning about ratios and amounts. We coloured in some 100 squares in 2 different colours and then had to work out the percentage, fraction, decimal and ratio of the amount shaded. English In […]

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Georgia and Scarlett’s week

Class webpage This week in swallow class, we have been doing maths , English and science. In English we have been writing a news report about refugees. We read a story about a boy named Wassim. Refugees are people who have to evacuate their country because of war. In maths, we have been doing shape […]

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Jack and Owen’s Week

ENGLISH This week in swallow class we have been writing in English, about the fictional future disease called the 347 Strain. This piece of writing was based on  instructions about escaping to a safe house. A safe house can be where people Stay during  a disease to keep safe.     MATHS In Maths we […]

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