Swallow Class

Last week in Swallow Class

Maths We have been learning about BIDMAS. B=brackets I=indices D=division M=multiplication A=addition S= subtraction. That is the order you have to do things in a calculation. Here is an example. (5×2)+3-7×4= -15 NOT 24 English We have been learning about a story called Journey .It is about a girl who draws her own world .In […]

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This week in Swallow Class we have been learning lots of new things. For instance, on Monday and Tuesday some of the children in our class have been doing a Bikeability course. This was taught by two supportive Bikeability trainers called Stuart and Jamie. On Wednesday, we had an exciting journey to the woods. Whilst […]

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Our Week

All week here at Brooke, we have had great fun! Monday in Swallow class we did PE. In PE we made the most of the weather and played tag rugby out on the playground. Tuesday, in Maths, we started to look at problem solving and expanding our thinking in our learning. Wednesday, in English, we […]

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Diwali Dancing

Today, we did some Indian dancing. It was because they are celebrating a special festival – Diwali. We learnt an Indian story and many new dance moves. We even got to dress up! We found out that every single dance starts on their right leg or arm [not their left]. This is why they wear […]

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Gressenhall trip

GRESSENHALL On Friday the 2nd of November 2018, the year 2’s to year six  all dressed up as Victorian children for a school trip to Gressenhall.  We all had different lesson, for example we did a school lesson and we had to write our names on slate. The school teacher was very strict  and made […]

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