Computer Club

brooke-primary-school-computer-club-ks2We’re delighted to announce a trial of a new after school club that will help our pupils learn more about Information Technology, Computing and Programming.

You may have heard about or even have personal experience of the BBC microbit, a small computer that has been given to all secondary school pupils to help promote learning in this important area of the curriculum.
Here at Brooke we believe in making these opportunities available to our pupils at a younger age and the introduction of the Brooke Primary Computer Club is an exciting first step toward this goal.

Our first sessions will begin in the half term starting 31st October and will run for 7 weeks up to Christmas.

Sessions will be for an hour on a Wednesday from 3.30pm-4.30pm and will cost £4.00 per session (payable for a half-term in advance).

Your child will receive a FREE BBC microbit so that they can continue to learn and experiment at home.microbti-small

There’s plenty of information available on-line for both pupils and parents to help them continue their learning at home.  You may find the following links useful:

Official BBC Microbit Site –
Microbit – Getting started for parents
Technology Will Save Us – Making with the Microbit
CodeClub Microbit Projects
Microbits & Bobs
Kitronik – Microbits, Cases & More

If you would like to try out or modify the code from the different lessons you can download them below:

Micro:bit First Experience (this is the code that comes installed first time)
Football/Basketball Scoreboard (Connect leads to Pin1 & 3V)
Analogue/Digital LED (Connect leads to Pin1 and GND)
Resistance Musical Instrument (Connect leads to Pin1 and GND – try different materials to test the resistance!)
Step Counter – Basic
Step Counter – More Accurate
Step Counter – With Achievement
Last Man Standing Game
Acceleration Lesson – Pacman Game

You can also have some fun with a game of Space Invaders! (Download only, can’t be edited in the Block Editor)

If you wish to modify any of our lesson code you can open the Block Editor ( and click on “My Scripts” and then “Import Scripts” on the left hand side of the screen. You can then open the file and make changes as you wish.

We are also planning our own near-space balloon launch, using BBC micro:bits to gather lots of different data.

C a l e n d a r
S e a r c h
S o c i a l   M e d i a
S u b s c r i b e