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Governing Body

In accordance with Government Regulations, Brooke’s Full Governing Body has thirteen governor roles. Governing Bodies are required to meet at least three times a year.   Our Governing Body is made-up of different types of Governors:

  • The Headteacher
  • Parent governors – three parents (elected by the parents)
  • Staff governors – one (elected by the school staff)
  • LA (Local Authority) governors – one, chosen to represent the wider community (elected by the local authority)
  • Co-opted governors – five, chosen for their specific skill, knowledge or specialism (appointed by the governing body as required via recruitment)
  • Foundation governors – two, as a Church of England school, the Diocese and the Parochial Church Council nominate and approve

We currently hold two Full Governing Body (FGB) meetings each term where we focus on Resources, Premises & Health/Safety at the first meeting and Curriculum & Well Being at the second meeting.  All governors are expected to attend.  Our Parent Governor, Mr Giles Hankinson, is currently the chair for these meetings.

At Brooke our Governing Body consists of:

Headteacher : Alex Griffiths (Ex. Oficio)

Parent Governor / Chair : Giles Hankinson (07/03/2018 – 06/03/2022)

Staff governor : Kate Ringwood (01/09/2018 – 31/08/2022)

Foundation governor : Rev. Lynn Chapman (05/02/2015 – 02/12/2021)

Foundation governor : Laura Cowan (23/03/2016 – 22/03/2020)

Co-opted governor : Robert Green (09/10/2015 – 09/10/2020)

Co-opted governor : David Elsey

Co-opted governor : Gareth Nicholls

Parent governor : Colin Wheelhouse (07/03/2018 – 06/03/2022)

Parent governor : Anna Fairhurst

Local Authority governor : one vacancy

Other important governance documents:

Governors’ Intro : Governors’ Role : School Improvement & Development Plan

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