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Learning at Home

It is important that your child continues their learning experience outside of the school environment and we recognise that the methods we may use to teach certain subjects have changed quite dramatically over the years.

With this in mind the following Calculation Policy and Maths Key Skills (by year group) have been made available so that you can assist your child with their mathematics development in a manner consistent with that used within the the school. This policy is in use across the F7 (Framingham) cluster.

There is a multitude of educational content available on the internet, but here is a selection of links for some fun and educational sites to get you started:

Oxford Owl
BBC Bitesize Key Stage 1
BBC Bitesize Key Stage 2

Woodlands Junior School in Kent and Coxhoe Primary School in Durham have put in a lot of effort to produce a fantastic selection of educational and fun games for you to try out.

C a l e n d a r
S e a r c h
S o c i a l   M e d i a
S u b s c r i b e