Micro:bit Space Launch Lesson 5 (Light)


Lesson 5 – Light & Rockets!

This week’s lesson was a little short on coding as we had a surprise planned for the 2nd half of the lesson!

We introduced the concept of measuring light using the micro:bit – which actually uses some of the LEDs on the front to measure light levels! We started with some simple code to help us work out what values the micro:bit would provide in different light conditions:

We took a range of readings – in the classroom with the lights off and on, and in some other rooms too. We did notice that some micro:bit’s seemed to give some strange results sometimes!

The students then used a simple IF statement to set a trigger for something to happen – very much like a security alarm that comes on when the lights go on or off.

It was up to each pupil to decide what they wanted to happen and to put their code in the THEN part of the IF statement. We tested our alarms by turning off the classroom lights and then back on again to see what happened!

The rest of the lesson was used to introduce the Race For The Line competition!  The basic premise being that the pupils have to build a car from a kit containing a block of polystyrene foam, two axles & four wheels.  There will be plenty of time to test the cars before entering the main race – which will be some time around March 20th when we will visit Old Buckenham High School and with the help of the Army we will fire our cars down a race track using a rocket for propulsion and a BBC micro:bit to measure acceleration and other data!

Here’s a short video of a rocket car race that Miss Ringwood and Mr Chaplin entered when they were at the BETT show recently!

We’ll be building our rocket cars next week so we’ll be sure to post some pictures so that you can see how we’re getting on! This will also give us the opportunity to learn MUCH more about acceleration using our BBC micro:bits!

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