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Another busy week in Swallows


On  Monday, we did Maths and in Maths we learnt about percentages of  amounts  using  money . We all learnt lots different things to do with decimals and fractions.


Firstly, on Tuesday, we have been writing recommendations for places to visit in Britain. We were wrote about lots of different subjects, like beaches , shopping ,food and many more .


On Wednesday we had our excellent head teacher Mr Griffiths, who taught us how to write points on if we should have Brexit or not.  We were debating about this and shared our opinions with each other in the class.


On Thursday morning we walked up to the village hall and all played a competitive game of tennis in the cold weather . After that, most of us ran to the radiator to warm  up our hands and feet !


During Friday Assembly, Sophie and Liam successfully won the certificate award from swallow class. We also wrote up our explanations for why we should come to Great Britain.


Written by Sophie and Charlie

Extra Open Morning Next Week

Lot’s of updates in our Headteachers newsletter below.   If you have children starting school in September we are holding an extra Open Morning next Friday, 25th January 2019 and you are warmly invited to join us between 9:00 – 10:30 am.

Headteacher Newsletter 18.1.19

The first full week of 2019

Class web page!

In science we have been doing The Apprentice, where we are making products and companies to sell to Lord Sugar. Here are some pictures of our progress.


In art we have been doing some human sketches. Here are some



In English we have been doing visit Britain, seeing if we can think up ideas to persuade people to visit Great Britain.




In Maths this week we have been doing graphs and plotting co-ordinates on them. Also, we have been learning about pie charts. We learnt how to read them and also how to plot the degrees using a protractor.



In our homework this week we have been plotting co-ordinates on graphs, reflecting them and translating them based on co-ordinates .


A busy week in the lead up to Christmas

This week in Swallow class, we have busy with lots of fun and exciting work.

In English, we have been working on different Christmas adverts such as: Sainsbury’s, 2018; John Lewis ,2018 and Sainsbury’s 2016. We also wrote our Journey stories up in neat. After we had written up are stories in neat, we made covers for our stories.


In P.E, we have been doing Tag Rugby with Mr Griffiths and Cricket with Mr Bobbin. When we did the Cricket with Mr Bobbin, we were number 1 – 23 then when our number was called we went up to bat. Everyone else was fielding except for the batter and wiki.


In Maths, we have been working on cubes and cube nets. Thursday, we had to decide which nets would, or would not, work. Then we had a go at making different types cubes from different nets.


This week in art we have painted our wise men. After the clay had dried, we painted them in bright colours to make them stand out. We also glazed them so they would be shiny it also means they are less likely to brake with an extra layer.


In P.S.H.E, we have been working on being kind and how words can damage someone’s insides. The lesson included: being rude to an Apple and being nice to another Apple. We then cut them open to look on the inside. The apple we were rude to was moldy and squidgy, but the Apple we were nice to was fresh.


We have also had our Christmas lunch on Thursday. It was really nice – I hope it will be this delicious every year.


Today, we also had a very special visitor – Ryan Crouch! He is a British Paralympic swimmer who got through to the finals of Men’s swimming in Rio.   He came to our school on Friday to give an assembly on what he does; he also took each class for half an hour to talk to us about his training.

Written by Rosie Hawkins – Weeks and Austin Lythell


Minibus News

Happy New Year and welcome back, we hope your first full week of the New Year with us has gone well.  Check out what’s been going on in school this week and what’s coming up next via our latest Headteacher Newsletter below.  Please be sure to read our Plea for help regarding the school minibus and let us know if you are able to assist us.  Thank you

Headteacher Newsletter 11.01.19

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