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School Uniform

Stevensons LogoPlease ensure that your child is in school in the correct uniform.  To ensure that all children feel equal and equally respected in school, we request that you ensure that uniform displaying the school logo (items marked*) is bought at very competitive prices via


Black or grey trousers / shorts
Black, grey or tartan (royal blue/yellow ) skirts or pinafores (tartan design from
Ocean blue cardigan or sweatshirt*
Sky blue or white blouses or
Sky blue or white polo shirts*
Blue/white gingham summer dress
Royal blue fleece* Mistral Jacket* Ski Hat* Book Bag* PE Bag*
Plain black outdoor shoes, a suitable style for everyday wear. In the interest of safety in school, heels should not exceed 2.5cm. Unfortunately, footwear such as open toe sandals and sling back shoes do not provide adequate support or protection

Optional Brooke logo uniform available:

Ocean blue Fleece*    Mistral Jacket*   Ski Hat*   Book Bag*   PE Bag*

PE kit

Navy & Orange T shirt*
Navy or black shorts
Trainers for outdoor activities

Optional PE kit:
Indoor plimsolls or grippy yoga socks   Plain tracksuits for outdoor activities in the cold weather are encouraged.

Swimming – Key Stage 2 only

Sensible one piece costume or trunks, not a bikini, not beach shorts, swimming hat (essential), towel.


During the first three years at school your child will be provided with all necessary writing equipment pencils, crayons, rulers etc.  If the children wish to provide their own they may, but it is not essential. In Key Stage 2, may come to school equipped with coloured pencils, felt-tipped pens, erasers, ruler, pencil sharpener and a handwriting pen (not a biro pen).   Children should have a bag to carry books and school equipment.


In KS2, an old shirt or apron is needed for art and craft activities.

Jewellery and watches

In line with health and safety regulations, no jewellery is allowed except for one pair of smooth flat ear studs with no rear projection.  All earrings must be removed for simming.

Pupils may wear watches but the school accepts no responsibility for loss or damage and they should be clearly marked with the owner’s name. Watches and earrings should be removed for PE lessons to prevent injury to the wearer and others.

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