Micro:bit Space Launch Lesson 2 (Time)


Lesson 2 – Measuring Time


In Lesson 2 we wanted to better understand how we could measure time using our BBC micro:bit’s. We started to explore the “running time” block in the PXT editor by building a simple counter to count up in seconds:


This would enable us to track the time that our microbit’s are in our balloon payload which will be useful when we look back at all the different measurements we take. The running time is only reset when the micro:bit is switched off so if we want to measure other timings in our code then we have to do a little bit more maths to compare different values of the running time.

We developed a simple “reaction game” that used the random number block to introduce an unknown delay before popping an image up on the screen. The player then has to press the B button as quickly as possible and we then work out and display how long they took to react!

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 19.12.59


We then looked at other ways we could improve the game – some pupils added sound as well as images & others introduced other variables to show an ‘A’ or ‘B’ depending on which button you had to press.   We should now easily be able to capture the time as well as our other measurements to help with our interpretation of the data we get back from our mission!

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