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Georgia and Scarlett’s week

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This week in swallow class, we have been doing maths , English and science.

In English we have been writing a news report about refugees. We read a story about a boy named Wassim. Refugees are people who have to evacuate their country because of war.

In maths, we have been doing shape and making them bigger (enlarging) .Then we had to work out the scale factor. The scale factor is the amount of how much you times the sides of the shape by. We did this for rectangles, triangles and parallelograms.

In science, we have been doing the apprentice. We have been designing our own product to keep food hot or cold (insulation). We did: a picture, to show our design; a pitch to persuade customers to buy it.


C a l e n d a r
S e a r c h
S o c i a l   M e d i a
S u b s c r i b e