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Last week in Swallow Class


We have been learning about BIDMAS. B=brackets I=indices D=division M=multiplication A=addition S= subtraction. That is the order you have to do things in a calculation. Here is an example.

(5×2)+3-7×4= -15 NOT 24


We have been learning about a story called Journey .It is about a girl who draws her own world .In swallow class we have been trying to write our own but with words because Journey is a picture book . We have been learning about colons and semi-colons so we can use them in our writing!

Bike ability

Group 2 did their bike ability course on Monday and Tuesday .During this, we had to go out on the road and learn hand signals to communicate with the drivers. Fantastically, we all passed level 1 and level 2 . YAY!


In P.E we have been doing tag rugby. Sadly, we did not get to play a match but we will in the future. We learnt passing and throwing skills. We had to pass and run in a circle and we are very happy to say we are all very good at it.


Gonoodle is an app to help keep children fit by following dance moves whilst listening to a song. Our personal favourite is Lunch! It is very fun and we recommend it with a 9.75/10.



C a l e n d a r
S e a r c h
S o c i a l   M e d i a
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