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Our Ethos

A small federation of small schools in South Norfolk. We are making the schools that we would have wanted to go to. By working together in collaboration, we improve one another and support each other to grow. Sunflowers are known for their resilience and symbolise hope, happiness, and growth. Our federation nurtures childrens’ academic, personal, and spiritual growth. It inspires children, staff, and parents to strive for excellence in all aspects of their life, just as sunflowers grow towards the sun and reach their full potential.

The roots, for Brooke CE VC’s church foundations, indicate that we are rooted and grounded in God's love, which is at the core of all our actions and educational philosophy. The stem represents our curriculum, which provides a strong foundation for our children across both schools to grow and thrive. The leaves symbolise our values, which drive our decision-making and behaviour. The petals are indicative of our key focuses such as DEI, careers, and compassion. Lastly, the bees and butterflies that are flying away from the sunflower represent the things that we want our children to leave us with, which are the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to make a positive impact in the world.

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Tiger class is home to our Year 2 children, who are taught by Miss Ringwood and supported by Miss Harvey.

On our journey around the planet we have been visiting Vesuvius as part of our exploration of Italy. We have enjoyed learning about the history of the city of Pompeii, bringing it to life with our own paper mâché volcanoes. Check out the enormous eruptions!


We've been documenting our learning in the newsletter, have a read below!

Tiger class will be taking a tour of planet Earth this term. Our first stop is in Italy. As well as learning about the landscape, climate and food, Tiger's have also learnt about some famous landmarks. In our RE work, we explored the Sistine Chapel.

We learnt that it is the home of The Pope, in the Vatican City in Italy. We looked at the artwork on the ceiling painted by Michelangelo, we then experimented ourselves to create art on the 'ceiling' using images which are special to us - it wasn't easy, but it was really fun!

Q&A with Andy Seed 2021

KS1 Nativity Performance 2020

Tigers have been reading lots of different story tellings  of the Nativity story. They have then decided upon sequencing for their own story, and have worked in groups to write their own script. Filming has also begun this week!

Tigers worked collaboratively in teams to write some of their Nativity script. We used google docs - which we found fun to all be able to type at the same time. 

As part of our immersive learning around the Nativity story and performance, Tigers learnt about a manger, its original use, and why it made a good choice for a bed for baby Jesus. They then used sticks and string to  try to create their own manger structure which would be strong enough to hold baby Jesus.

Tigers have created their own backdrop to set the scene for their gymnastics routine about The Great Fire London.

We were very excited at the opportunity to run for school council class representative. We learnt about speeches, their tone and their purpose. We role played giving a speech and thought carefully about a structure we could use. Check out some of our fantastic speeches!

In our phonics work we have been learning about verbs, nouns and suffixes. We learnt that if you apply the -er suffix to a verb it becomes a noun. Check out some of our fantastic Kenning style poetry about The Great Fire of London!

We have been learning about Tudor houses, which were popular during the time of The Great Fire of London. We used cardboard recyclables to create our own.

As part of our art work, we have been learning about some famous faces. We developed our understanding of proportion in faces. We also deepened our understanding of symmetry - using a ruler to measure the distance from key points of a face to a middle point. This helped us to create some symmetrical style drawings.

Already the children are immersing themselves in books in our new reading area. 

Tigers have been showing dedication to their learning and choosing opportunities to write within the provision.

Tigers built on their learning about Guy Fawkes and the gun powder plot. During our woodland trip today we learnt about the traditions of celebrations for peace, and created our own Guy Fawkes dummy to place onto our 'bonfire'.

We started Autumn Term 2 off with learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gun Powder Plot. Tigers created these fantastic Wanted  posters using vocabulary which we have been learning in our Phase 6 Phonics work. Each poster focuses on the -er suffix using comparative adjectives such as "hair redder than fire" and nouns such as "plotter".

As part of our Great Fire of London learning, Tiger class have been exploring some important fire safety rules outside in our woodland space. 

We learnt what a fire needs to be able to burn - fuel, heat and oxygen. We talked about different types of fuel, and how wood was great fire fuel (which was the material most houses were made from during 1666).

We learnt some important safety rules for fire too. Tigers learnt and practiced the Stop, Drop and Roll technique. We discussed the importance of 'don't hide - go outside'. We also learnt about smoke in enclosed spaces and the importance of keeping low to the floor when evacuating a smoke filled room.

We finished off our woodland trip by whittling sticks to create skewers to toast marshmallows over our fire.

We have been thinking about what it means to be a Christian. The children came up with their own ideas and perceptions. We then shared and explored these as a class.

The small world and construction areas within our new provision are also proving popular amongst the Tigers this year.