Inspire: Learning, growing and achieving together!

Brooke Primary School

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High Green, Norwich, Norfolk, NR15 1HP

Mrs Sarah Lewis

Ms Tori Weal

Our Ethos

A small federation of small schools in South Norfolk. We are making the schools that we would have wanted to go to. By working together in collaboration, we improve one another and support each other to grow. Sunflowers are known for their resilience and symbolise hope, happiness, and growth. Our federation nurtures childrens’ academic, personal, and spiritual growth. It inspires children, staff, and parents to strive for excellence in all aspects of their life, just as sunflowers grow towards the sun and reach their full potential.

The roots, for Brooke CE VC’s church foundations, indicate that we are rooted and grounded in God's love, which is at the core of all our actions and educational philosophy. The stem represents our curriculum, which provides a strong foundation for our children across both schools to grow and thrive. The leaves symbolise our values, which drive our decision-making and behaviour. The petals are indicative of our key focuses such as DEI, careers, and compassion. Lastly, the bees and butterflies that are flying away from the sunflower represent the things that we want our children to leave us with, which are the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to make a positive impact in the world.

Hempnall Primary School

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The Street Hempnall, Norwich, Norfolk, NR15 2AD

Mrs Sarah Lewis

Ms Tori Weal


01508 550419

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Foundation Subjects and General resources


Physical Education

  • Jump Start Jonny website - Weekly workouts and activities (a paid site with access to some free activities).
  • The PE Umbrella - Interviews with sports stars, activities and ideas for home PE challenges.
  • ActiveNorfolk - Some ideas for daily active challenges and activities!

Some of our amazing boys having a dance-off challenge!

Outdoor Learning

  • Able Canopies - Outdoor learning ideas, from building a miniature pond, to exploring minibeasts!

Robin class home learning

Jay class home learning

Swallow class home learning

Owl class home learning

General secondary and primary

  • BBC Bitesize on BBC website - Provides interactive activities mapped against the national curricula for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Covers Early Years, Primary, Secondary and 16+
  • BrainPOP website - Free resources on a range of subjects, both traditional school-based subjects and topical subjects.
  • Children’s University of Manchester website - A suite of activities and resources covering History, Languages, Science, Art and Design, and student life.
  • Discovery education (US-based) website - Videos, activities, printable resources on a wide range of topics. (some free content available).
  • Kahoot website - A free platform where you can create quizzes, or use quizzes made by others. Children can play individually or in teams. Requires two screens. (currently offering premium service to schools for free).
  • Kahoot distance learning website - A handy guide to distance learning (PDF).
  • Khan academy website - A vast library of online learning courses. Running daily schedules for students aged 4-18 during school closures. 
  • Learning by questions website - A wide-ranging resource covering English, Maths, Science at primary and secondary. Designed to be an in-class teaching and learning tool but can be used to deliver question sets to pupils at home.
  • MemRise website - A free and interactive platform for learning languages.
  • Myths and legends website - Provides information, activities and resources for teachers.
  • Outschool website - Online lessons at scheduled times covering a wide range of topics. (offering free live online classes during school closures).
  • Picture News - They send out a topical picture, with learning resources, each week (free access currently).
  • Scholastic Classroom Magazine website (US-based) - Learn at Home, 20 day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing. 
  • Seneca website - A huge range free online courses and resources covering a wide range of courses, from primary to 16+. Also includes CPD for teachers.
  • Smart School House website - Lots of creative ideas for craft projects to do at home.
  • Travel and Leisure website – Virtual tours of 12 famous museums. 
  • Typing club website- Learn to touch type for free. 
  • Young writers website - Regular writing competitions for primary and secondary age children.


  • Classroom Secrets Kids website - Platform for learning grammar, punctuation, spelling, maths, reading history (years 1-6).
  • Doorway online website - Collection of interactive literacy games and numeracy activities.
  • Emile website - Online program for 4-12 year olds that covers the UK national primary curriculum for numeracy and SPaG with some phonics thrown in (free access currently).
  • Norfolk County Council - A range of resources and links, including free e-books, magazines and papers with the Library service.
  • Pobble 365 website - ‘One picture. One teaching resource. Every day.’
  • Robin Hood MAT website - Lots of learning projects for parents and schools (EYFS, KS1, Y3/4, Y5/6). Be sure to read the project overview guides first.
  • Robin Hood Multi Academy Trust website - Learning projects for schools (EYFS, KS1, Y3/4, Y5/6)
  • Teacher’s pet website - Provides thousands of resources for KS1 and KS2.
  • TTS website - Free home learning activity booklets for Early Years, KS1 and KS2.
  • Twinkl website - 500,000+ teacher-created materials and resources.